Title: Dynamite

Artist: Sly & The Family Stone

Album: Life

Year Released: 1968

What It Is: A blast of funk/rock/soul/psychedelia from Sly & Company. This is the kind of stuff he and the Family Stone could do in their sleep. For many bands, this would have been a sure single – but here it’s album filler. Some tasty filler, though! Since it’s filler, no video or anything. So sorry!

Riffage / Hookage: There are riffs and hooks galore, of course. It’s not a Sly Stone song without riffs and hooks out the wazz.

Cowbell?: Gregg Errico was a great drummer, and he stuck to the basics. There is a tambourine, though. At times, it’s an incessant tambourine. But again, that’s pretty de rigeur for the Family Stone!

Words of Wisdom: “Miss Clean
‘Yeah, me and you
Yeah, I want you'”

I think that sez it all…

Mixology Report: Hell yeah. You can boogie to it, of course!

For The Good Of The Order: The ending references “Dance To The Music” in a demented / stoned way. Duuuude!