Title: Fire Of Heaven / Altar Of Earth

Artist: Matisyahu

Album: Youth

Year Released: 2006

What It Is: A much better example of Matisyahu’s unique ‘toasting’ (if you will) than the hit. The playing is very tight, and fits well with his rap.

Riffage / Hookage: Not per se, but the beat and bass are wicked.

Cowbell?: Not this time, no. But some good reggae drum sounds and righteous cymbals (though it’s probably enhanced).

Words Of Wisdom: Capitalize on hot air, soar like an airplane
Yearn to rise in the sky quick high like cocaine
False pride is suicide but you’ve got nothing to gain
Babylon’s buildings raise like flames”

I think he’s trying to tell us something there…

Mixology Report: Hasidic reggae toasting can’t be put next to just anything, you know. So be careful.

For The Good Of The Order: Some looked at him as a ‘novelty’ but give the man his due. He’s got the skillz!

This is a video done by a fan using the recording, so instead of some shaky cam video from a festival you have the actual recording, so you can hear what he’s all about in studio!