Title: The Small Hours

Artist: Holocaust

Album: Hypnosis Of Birds

Year Released: 1992

What It Is: A studio version of the infamous song that was covered by Metallica on one of their Garage Days albums. The original version was a live version that was circulated amongst the underground metal community until finding a release in 1983 (or so). It’s not as powerful and potent as the live version, but the sound is better, and the riff is still doom-riffic.

Riffage / Hookage: As I said, doom-riffic. Detune yer guitars!

Cowbell?: No. Generic metal drumming abounds.

Words Of Wisdom: “Time is an illusion,
Rising from time,
Steep is the mountain which we climb.”

Pretty darn close to the department of redundancy department there. But who cares about the words when the riff is as great as it is? Right?

Mixology Report: It takes a long time to get rolling (making you check the disc or iPod) and frankly, dark doomy metal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

For The Good Of The Order: The singing on this is a bit shaky, like the dude’s had a few too many pints over the course of his life. And below, a live video from ‘back in the day’, instead of being scary metallers like those Norweigan doomies, they look rather silly in their early 80’s garb.