Title: Mad At You

Artist: Joe Jackson

Album: Beat Crazy

Year Released: 1980

What It Is: An expansion of the trio+singer motif  from the first two Joe Jackson albums as he leads his band into an exploration of reggae rhythms and sounds. This even has an element of dub in this toward the end with the echoes and extended outro. The band showed they could handle it, but Jackson was turning into such the chameleon so his next efforts would be well beyond the scope of the original trio + Jackson.

Riffage / Hookage: The bass line is killer and carries the song. Graham Maby is an unsung bassist in this era. Gary Sanford’s scratchy guitar riffs and piercing solo are highlights as well. Not a hook for a single, but it holds together.

Cowbell?: No cowbell, but some interesting percussive bits by Dave Houghton shaking this, whacking that, and all.

Words Of Wisdom: “So come on what’s your problem
You know we’ll miss half the show
How come I’m walking so fast
How come your walking so slow”

Fellers, am I wrong in saying that 99.44% of us say or think those exact words???

Mixology Report: It fits well, especially as a bridge to and from some deeper rocksteady or reggae from new wave.

For The Good Of The Order: “Beat Crazy” was underappreciated, and really hard to find for a long time. However, it’s the best of the original backing group’s albums.