Title: He Come Down

Artist: The Beach Boys

Album: Carl & The Passions “So Tough”

Year Released: 1972

What It Is: A bunch of hippy-dippy TM crap saved by one of the most righteous choruses the Beach Boys ever did!

Riffage / Hookage: The chorus’ hook (and production) is one of the best things the 70’s Boys’ ever did. It’s a shame the verses cluttered it up – THANKS MIKE LOVE!

Cowbell?: Nope, though the drummer for the Boys at this time (Rikki Fataar, since Dennis Wilson cut some tendons in his hand, semi-on purpose) was later in the Rutles! As the stand-in for George Harrison! Go figure.

Words of Wisdom: “Hey-yon-du-coma-nauga-ton
Means avoid the suffering before it comes
Krishna said a long time ago
To “Let the arrow fly first without the bow”

Um, see what I mean…

Mixology Report: This may take some tolerance by your listener until the chorus kicks in, and then that’s worth it right there!

For The Good Of The Order: Brian Wilson worked on this album for maybe 10 minutes, so Love and Al Jardine could get away with a lot. Somehow they got this chorus right. Now if we could put some verses to it! I mean verses that make sense!

(Sorry, no video goodness. Also, see the new feature, “Words of Wisdom”)