Title: Circus of Death

Artist: The Human League

Album: Reproduction

Year Released: 1979

What It Is: This ain’t your father’s Human League. It’s the original vision of the band – dark, eerie and experimental. They were a trio at this point, but two of them left to form Heaven 17 amongst other things, leaving Phil Oakey to reconstruct the Human League into pop-tastic synth goodness.

Riffage / Hookage: Not really – though there is a burbling synth-bass line. This was ART, dammitall!

Cowbell?: No – just electronic noises.

Words Of Wisdom: “The circus of death is approaching
Its pathway is painted in red
Before it the frightened and helpless
Behind it a trail of the dead”

Not exactly “Fascination”, is it? It’s more of a death metal thing, right?

Mixology Report: It’ll fit in some dark, eerie places.

For The Good Of The Order: Steve McGarrett? What in the holy hell is this thing about? And how is Hawaii Five-O going to solve crimes in the UK? Questions, questions…and I don’t have answers.

The video is nice and cheery too…