Title: Looking For A New Love

Artist: Jody Watley

Album: Jody Watley

Year Released: 1987

What It Is: The one memorable solo success from the former Shalamar member. It’s obvious she learned what made hits in the 80’s. Production, baby, production! This was the template for Paula Abdul’s success (except Watley didn’t need electronic vocal effects like Ms. Abdul.)

Riffage / Hookage: The chorus hook is so darn infectious you can’t help but sing along. Yeah-yeah-yeah!!!

Cowbell? : Ah, gotta love that 80’s techno percussion. The dull metallic thwacks really date it! (As does the synth bass, of course.)

Words Of Wisdom: “Hasta la vista, baby”

Did she have to pay royalties to Ah-nuld?

Mixology Report: A great song for an 80’s mix or a dance mix.

For The Good Of The Order: I distinctly recall that many of my lady friends in small town Indiana wanted (and tried to get) the Jody Watley hair. Yeah, that worked.