Title: Here

Artist: Luscious Jackson

Album: Natural Ingredients

Year Released: 1994

What It Is: A great dance / rock song from Jill Cundiff and Luscious Jackson, throwing in all kinds of elements into a delicious tasty mix! It’s got a groove, a great mix, and it doesn’t discount melody or harmony.

Riffage / Hookage: A great chorus hook, plus the bridge between chorus and verse has a great wah-wah guitar line from Gabby Glaser.

Cowbell?: Yep! There’s cowbell (on the studio mix, at least, not in the live cut below) during the chorus doing a double time accent to the beat. It stands out pretty well, too.

Words Of Wisdom: “Get on the floor, let’s dance some more.”

Sometimes that’s all you require.

Mixology Report: Pretty decent to throw on anywhere. A great tempo or genre changer in a mix, too.

For The Good Of The Order: Drummer Kate Schellenbech is now a producer on Ellen DeGeneris’ show.

Now here is a vintage clip from The Late Show. I recall seeing this one when it was on. Boy Dave looked young then.