Title: Betty Drops In

Artist: Scruffy The Cat

Album: Moons Of Jupiter

Year Released: 1988

What It Is: A highlight from a long-lost album by a long-lost bunch of Bostonian neo-traditionalists. They utilized a mandolins, banjos, along with rockin’ ‘lectric guitar to create a unique yet satsifying sound. You probably can find this one laying around the internet somewhere, on a torrent or a .rar file.

Riffage / Hookage: The main guitar riff that starts the song is strong! If it was heavily distorted it would be a heck of a metal riff.

Cowbell?: Scruffy used basic insturmentation without a lot of frills, and the drummer seemed to use a minimal (though not spartan) set up.

Words Of Wisdom: Betty sits to the right of Will
Betty sits on the windowsill
And she flys around all day long
And she works with my best friend”

I am guessing that good ol’ Betty is some sort of bird, perhaps. Hey, it works.

Mixology Report: This is pretty generic and rocking enough to throw on most mixes, especially for those who really don’t care that they don’t know the songs they haven’t heard yet.

For The Good Of The Order:Scruffy was dead in between the Long Ryders / Green on Red / Rank & File roots movement, and the Uncle Tupelo based alt-country sound. Not to say they wouldn’t have been more popular, but timing is the key to life.