Title: God Only Knows

Artist: Beach Boys

Album: Pet Sounds

Year Released: 1966

What It Is: It is perhaps the greatest love song ever written in the rock-and-roll era. Sung sweetly by Carl Wilson, with backup help from Brian and Brian Johnston (and no other Beach Boy, I believe). The production is top notch. It’s a definite highlight of the best album ever.

Riffage / Hookage: Brian Wilson is the master of the melody and production working hand in hand. You can’t forget the words to the hook even if you wanted to.

Cowbell?: Hal Blaine or whoever else played percussion on this track played the appropriate sounds at the appropriate time. There’s definite woodblock, sleigh bells and tambourine, and I believe a timpani.  Listening to the tracking sessions, the drums seemed heaver during the first pass of the basic track, but it all worked.

Words Of Wisdom: “God only knows what I’d be without you”

Mixology Report: Perfect for a sweetie mix (but not a first date mix, you fool).

For The Good Of The Order: Can you believe that this hit just #39 on the US chart? Of course, many stations back then were squeamish about a song that mentioned “God”. (No foolin’!) In the UK, it hit #2, a much more appropriate chart level.

I thought about a live version, but the studio version has so much beauty in the production and the voices that I had to just throw up a clip to the studio recording. Happy Valentine’s Day!