Title: President Gas

Artist: The Psychedelic Furs

Album:Forever Now

Year Released: 1982

What It Is:Well, it wasn’t SUPPOSED to be fortune telling about the most recent past president of the US of A. It was more of a jab at Reagan, of course. But by gosh, some of the lines fit right in with “W”, especially from the view of those across the pond.

Riffage / Hookage:I love the guitar and keyboard intro riff / hook that carries through the song. Richard Butler’s vocals don’t really lend to good chorus hooks, but he tries.

Cowbell?:No. Some good drumming by Vince Ely, one of the Furs that was gone by the time the next album hit the streets. In 1981 they were a sextet, by 1983 a trio.

Words Of Wisdom“It’s a real cowboy set,

The electric company
Every day is happy days
It’s hell without the sin”

Mixology Report: 80’s fans will love that it’s not one of the Furs’ hits, but it sounds contemporary enough (well, OK, enough is subjective) that it’ll fit pretty well. Just don’t give to those who read Ann Coulter or watch and agree with Hannity.

For The Good Of The Order: I saw them my freshman year of college. They were at DePauw, and they were a trio + sidemen. It was a great show. I was two rows from the stage. Richard Butler sweated on me.They played the two songs I knew right out of the box, and then went on with their show. When they did this number, it electrified the crowd and 90% of the people knew the words. I soon caught up!

Here’s a live TV spot from them. Richard has mike issues at first!