Title: Sweet Troubled Soul

Artist: Stellastarr* (Yes, it’s two r’s and a * – as opposed to 4 m’s and a silent q) (I first spelled it ‘apposed’ at first) (It’s been a long weekend)

Album: Harmonies For The Haunted

Year Released: 2005

What It Is: A post-modern throwback to hard rockin’ alternative music. Or something. That’s what a critic would say. What I say it is is rock and roll like it should be, histironic vocals, killer riffs, cool backup vocals, and a great hook.

Riffage / Hookage: A riff to die for. In fact, I killed someone over the riff. (No, not really, but some guitarist would. Heck, that’d make a great story…where’s my editor?) The vocal hooks, especially the eerie backing vocals and in the bridge, are fantastic as well.

Cowbell?: No cowbell, but solid drum pounding and nice work on the ride cymbal as well. I like a drummer that can handle cymbals.

Words Of Wisdom:I want to suffer in your arms
and when you’re naked in the dark
I want to see your face
in the reflection of my bedroom stereo”

That’s pretty hot, don’t ya think?

Mixology Report: I have placed this on countless mixes and I’ll do it again. You can’t stop this song, you can only hope to contain it.

For The Good Of The Order: I first heard about this song on an ESPN blog by a bench warming NBA player (Paul Shirley). No, seriously. I did.

Here’s the official vid. It’s a bit disconcerting to me, but I’m getting to be old and crochety and remember when videos cost about $215.59 and were shot by the roadies’ cousin Waldo.