Title: No No No

Artist: Deep Purple

Album: Fireball

Year Released: 1971

What It Is: The ‘classic’ Deep Purple lineup hitting its stride. After fooling around with the Royal Philharmonic early in 1970, they released three classic hard rock / proto metal records. This is from the second of those three. It’s a very powerful song with the usual indictments of the current political situation.

Riffage / Hookage: Well, it’s Ritchie Blackmore, so there’s going to be a riff that sticks here. And of course, it’s supported by Jon Lord’s organ underpinnings and a decent melody from Ian Gillan (he actually did try to sing, you know…)

Cowbell?:No, but Ian Pace is one of the best drummers in heavy rock. He certainly knows when to be flash and when to just let the beat take care of itself. During the video, notice him brushing his hair from his eyes with nonchalance during Lord’s organ solo.

Words Of Wisdom: “Really hate the running really hate the game
Looking at them all I wanna be unborn again
Their suit is getting tighter although they’re getting thin
The flies are crawling on their face and trying to get in”

Wow, I guess it’s a little more direct than the ‘usual indictment’.

Mixology Report:I don’t think the metal squeamish will mind this one. It’s got a riff, a message and some cool soloing by Blackmore.

For The Good Of The Order:During a show on VH-1 Classic about the making of Machine Head, it was said that the Fireball album was a point of contention with the group. Gillan loved it, because it was funky and eclectic. Blackmore didn’t like it as much for the same reasons. Gee, no wonder they broke up all of the time.

This is a vid from German TV, where it seems they had all of the ‘cool groups’ playing live during this time, and more than one song. If you have seen a video for “Highway Star”, the band are wearing the same clothes in this perfomrance, including Blackmore’s wizard’s hat. The video effects are the same cheesy early 70’s as well.