Title: Nasty Dogs & Funky Kings

Artist: ZZ Top


Year Released: 1975

What It Is:Oh, just your typical 70’s ZZ Top boogie. In other words, what it is is “AWESOME!”

Riffage / Hookage:You have to ask about riffage in a ZZ Top song? What? Ok, yeah it’s got a damn fine riff there.

Cowbell?:Yes! Not on the live clip but there are cowbell accents occasionally on the studio version, along with incessant maracas. Frank Beard knows his place in the band, as does Dusty Hill. Lay the foundation for Mr. Gibbons to do his thang.

Words Of Wisdom: “Well, I knocked down on your door, baby,
To see if you were at home.
Your shade was down, there wasnt even a sound
But something told me you werent alone.
What in the world can a nasty dog do
But try to get next to you?”

Mr. Gibbons (or Mr. Hill, whoever penned the lyrics, maybe it was Mr. Beard) never explains what a nasty dog is, nor a funky king. But I think we get the idea.

Mixology Report: It’s a great mix song because not that many people know it so they’re not sick of it and everyone needs a dose of ZZ Top now and then!

For The Good Of The Order: When seeking out ZZ Top, be sure you get the recently remastered cuts and not the ones ripped from the mid-80’s CDs. They ‘updated’ Frank Beard’s drum sounds on those and they sound horrible. The recently remastered use the original drum tracks. (They’re the ones on the box set, so you’re safe there.)

Here’s a 1996 clip of ZZ Top on Jools Holland’s show. Now I have many questions. But the main one is, “Nasty Dogs & Funky Kings?” That is an unusual, yet tremendous, choice!

(No embedding, so follow yon link): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8l3mkNl-rgQ