Title: Hatchet

Artist: Low

Album: Drums & Guns

Year Released: 2007

What It Is: A bit of a departure for this generally slow, moody, downer (in a good way) of a band. This is a spritely little number about ‘burying the hatchet like the Beatles and the Stones’. There are two versions of this track (online at least). The regular version, at a fast tempo, which Alan Sparhawk takes the lead, and the “Optimimi Version” (which is the clip below), which is more mid-tempo and textured and uses Mimi Parker’s voice double tracked. Both are excellent.

Riffage / Hookage:The melody is pretty catchy. And I like the way that Alan’s and Mimi’s voices blend together on the regular version. The regular version has a neat guitar part, while the organ part on “Optimimi” is also pretty much of an ear barnacle (again in a good way).

Cowbell?: Not really.

Words Of Wisdom: “I know you got a thing
For ordinary guys
But I’ve heard your records
And they sound a lot like mine”

Now, musical compatibility is important in a relationship. What’s more important is music TOLERANCE. Which  my spouse has in spades.

Mixology Report: Yeah, throw ’em on there. Why not. These won’t depress the bejesus out of people at least.

For The Good Of The Order: Reading reviews on “Rate Your Music” really shocked me. A lot of die hard Low fans did not like this album. The main reason is that they were updating their sound and moving directions. OH NO! Artistic growth! We can’t have that around here!

Here’s the vid for the “Optimimi Version”. Verrry interesting!