Title: Hocus Pocus

Artist: Focus

Album: Moving Waves

Year Released: 1971 (Though not a hit until 1973)

What It Is: Deranged yodeling and flute playing, along with massive, massive guitar and drumming. This has one of the best riffs in rock music history, and of course it’s coupled with, well, whatever you want to call Thijs van Leer’s vocal stylings.

Riffage / Hookage: Jan Akkerman should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for this riff alone.

Cowbell?: No, but Pierre van der Linden (can you tell that they’re a Dutch band?) plays with great aplomb and shines almost as brightly as Akkerman.

Words Of Wisdom: Um….

Mixology Report:Some of us idiots love this stuff. Others shake their head and call you names.

For The Good Of The Order: By the time this song was a hit, Focus had released “Focus 3” and had a minor hit with “Sylvia”. Their normal modus operandi was longish suites mixing all kinds of good arty stuff. Then this hit, for goodness sakes.

I think this is from “The Midnight Special”. Gladys Knight introducing Focus as a “together” group. Right on, sistah!