Title:Witeman Country

Artist: Mutabaruka

Album:Check It!

Year Released: 1983

What It Is: Reggae poet Mutabaruka’s track about injustice of his fellow Jamaicans in the UK.

Riffage / Hookage: While Mutabaruka is a very serious person who speaks from the heart about the plight of his people and culture, he still knows to make sure the song has a great hook so you can sing along to it.

Cowbell?: No, just good reggae percussion, mon.

Words Of Wisdom: “If you wite alright

If you brown stick aroun

If black get back

Or ya betta attack”

Mixology Report:While some may be shocked at dub toasting, and the lyrical content, the hook is strong and the song is fierce.

For The Good Of The Order:I have to credit my buddy Moose for this find. Back when we were roomies, he remembered Mutabaruka from his days at Kenyon College, and had it, I believe.

Here’s a live clip of the song. I think he’d be a heck of a performer live, and he’s still around, I believe!