Title:She Sells Sanctuary

Artist: The Cult


Year Released: 1985

What It Is:The lead single from the Cult’s breakout album. After a few years of scuffling in the UK with name and direction changes, the Cult strike it rich with a blend of psychedelia and hard rock. Soon they would abandon the psychedelia, but for this record at least it was all wah-wah’s and mystical lyrics.

Riffage / Hookage: Oh hell yeah! It’s a monster riff. On the studio version, overdubbed acoustic guitar gives emphasis to it, but Billy Duffy’s riffage is strong.

Cowbell?: No, but Mark Impossible Name To Spell Brzezicki (drummer for Pete Townshend and Big Country) provided solid beats. The Cult never really settled on a drummer.

Words Of Wisdom: You know, I looked at the lyrics. I really don’t have a clue. Ian Astbury could sing the phone book and it would be just right for this song.

Mixology Report: Damn straight you mix it, especially for a young in’ who missed all of the Cult’s glory days hoo-hah. And mix it for the chicks, and then point them to the vid below, showing Astbury in hip swervy mode (among the 80’s visual effects).

For The Good Of The Order: First they were the Southern Death Cult, then the Death Cult, and then the Cult, and then they went from Native American imagery to psychedelia to proto-metal to glammy hard rock back to Native American imagery. All that in 10 years. Whew…

Here’s a live clip of them. I dig the echo on Billy Duffy’s guitar