Title: Baby Talks Dirty

Artist:The Knack

Album: But The Little Girls Understand

Year Released: 1980

What It Is:“My Sharona”, Pt. 2. It basically turns around the main riff of “My Sharona”, adds to it some squicky lyrics that emphasizes the sleaze factor in the Knack (a mistake, in more ways than one, as it turned out), and presto, another hit single! Well, um, scratch that part. The album hit Top 20, but the single died at 38, and with it, the Knack’s career for all intents and purposes.

Riffage / Hookage: Say what you will about the Knack, they were able to deliver a hooky riff and songs that you can remember and sing along to. And while everyone can spot the “My Sharona” part of this song a mile away, it doesn’t mean that it’s all bad.

Cowbell?: Yes. Starting with the second verse (after the repeat of the main riff). Cowbell in all of its glory! Didn’t help.

Words Of Wisdom: You know my baby walks nasty
She take it slow but she’s a a fasty
My little lady like a licky
She do it good she make it oh so sticky

She wanna keep our love a secret
I got to tame her make her my pet
When she say do it to it do it to it do it to it yeah uh”

‘scuse me…I just threw up a little.

Mixology Report:A fun one, especially if you do a mix and just identify the band, because hardly anyone remembers this one. Heck, I don’t think they played this single in Indiana (hence the #38 ranking, which was probably based mostly on pre-orders of the single.)

For The Good Of The Order: Lover-of-teenage-girls-to-the-border-of-a-felony Doug Feiger, the lead singer and main songwriter, is the brother of Kevorkian lawyer Jeffrey Feiger.

Ah, the video. Found it. MTV didn’t play this one, either.Some of the images are, well, um, quite provocative. Fleeting, yes, but still…squick!