Title: Honky’s Ladder

Artist: The Afghan Whigs

Album: Black Love

Year Released: 1996

What It Is: It ain’t for kids, that’s for sure. This song mines the usual Afghan Whigs territory – dirty, scuzzy people doing dirty scuzzy things.

Riffage / Hookage: The song has a heck of a hook in the verse, and a great slide guitar under the chorus / bridge. However, the song loses a bit of momentum in that – it gets dense. But you know, it’s still a heck of a slide guitar part, so it’s all good.

Cowbell?: Not today sir, no.

Words Of Wisdom: But wait ’till I get done with you
If you tell me don’t get mixed up with the devil
That’s exactly what I’m gonna do”

Mixology Report: It is a very NSFW song (motherfucker appears 21.5 seconds into the song), so obviously not for the kiddies!

For The Good Of The Order: For about five years, this band was supposed to break, but they never did. Then one night, Greg Dulli got broken after a bar fight in Texas. That was the beginning of the end.

Here’s the band doing this song, probably for a late night TV gig. Notice, of course that the magic word gets halfway bleeped.