Title: The Puppet

Artist: Echo & The Bunnymen

Album: Single only – later on Echo anthologies.

Year Released: 1980

What It Is: A song that illuminates that Echo was an underrated presence in the new wave movement. This also illuminates how good singles can be, especially when they don’t have to fit into the ‘theme’ of an album. We here in the States were a bit too hasty to give up on the power of 45s.

Riffage / Hookage: The opening guitar jangle sets a nice mood. The hook isn’t that melodic but it’s memorable.

Cowbell?:No, but I like the drumming. Originally, as you know, Echo was their drummer. Echo was a drum machine. But they soon settled on a real live drummer (Pete De Frietas, if you’re scoring at home.)

Words Of Wisdom: “Trampolines broken
Ceiling has come down
The ache in my back tells me
Something’s gone wrong”

Sounds like a Law & Order episode!

Mixology Report: Yes. Yes. 1,000 times yes!

For The Good Of The Order: I think they’re still at it, after Ian MacCulloch came back in 1997. It’s probably a good, safe life, with a built in fan base and those with nostalgia.

Here’s a great clip from Urgh! A Music War.