Title: Fly Me Courageous

Artist: Drivin ‘N’ Cryin (That’s the spelling, I guess)

Album: Fly Me Courageous

Year Released: 1990

What It Is: The lead single of a bold move from folky rock to all out arena rock, and it’s a huge success, at least to my ears. I mean, this thing COOKS! It doesn’t need Crisco, it IS Crisco!

Riffage / Hookage: An awesome guitar intro that carries through the song is the steak, and the ‘push me out of’ part of the chorus is the sizzle.

Cowbell?: Yes, yes, there’s cowbell. And a hella drum sound!

Words Of Wisdom: “Mother America is brandishing he weapons
She keeps me safe and warm
By threats and misconceptions”

This was pre-Persian Gulf war and post-Reagan America they were talking about

Mixology Report: You bet yer bippy! It’s especially good for driving mixes thanks to the drum sound and the guitar riff.

For The Good Of The Order: The whole album was great, and they decided to continue in the hard rock vein with 1992’s Smoke. That wasn’t so good.

Here’s the video for the song, which I actually saw on MTV (when they actually played videos) and I went out and actually bought the record thanks to seeing the actual video on an actual music channel. I guess promotion works, eh? So why not allow me to embed?