Title: Say What You Will

Artist: Fastway

Album: Fastway

Year Released: 1983

What It Is: Led Zep-cloning via Fast Eddie Clark. When he ditched Lemmy and Motorhead he formed his own group, which featured grizzled Humble Pie veteran drummer Jerry Shirley, young Robert Plant doppleganger Dave King, and UFO’s Pete “I Left The Band In A Huff So I’m Not Credited On The Album” Way on bass. It was a promising riff-tastic start for the group, and even today still smokes your speakers. It softened Motorhead’s pounding enough to be mainstream hard rock, but otherwise did not compromise.

Riffage / Hookage: Oh, the riff is so so so good. Of course, Fast Eddie was good for a riff or 29 on Motorhead records, so that’s no surprise.

Cowbell?: No, but Shirley knows how and when to pound the skins.

Words Of Wisdom: The words don’t matter with a riff this good.

Mixology Report: Great for getting someone’s rock on!

For The Good Of The Order:After Fastway floundered (their second album was…well…atrocious, and it only got worse from there) King laid low and then re-emerged in the late 90’s as the head honcho in Flogging Molly. Fastway also has some weird connections. You can connect Fastway to Ultravox through Motorhead and Thin Lizzy (Midge Ure played guitar on some Lizzy tours) and Alfie Angus replaced Way on bass for a bit (a tour or two) right after he left…THE FIXX!

The video was such a typical 80’s hard rock / metal video. For some reason, on You Tube you had to go download it but it’s a .wmv file so I can’t. Ah, well, here’s the tune…