Title: I’m On Fire

Artist: Dwight Twilley


Year Released: 1975 (album released in 1976)

What It Is: Good old fashioned power pop. It’s real rock and roll with a great pop sheen, as done by Twilley and Phil Seymour. It probably is one of the dictionary definitions of power pop.

Riffage / Hookage: There is a  great understated guitar riff under the verses, but the hook is the chorus “You ain’t you ain’t you ain’t got no lover”. Classic!

Cowbell?: Nope. Just good drummin’! Seymour and Twilley basically did almost everything themselves, and that was Seymour on the drums.

Words Of Wisdom: “Got your lady on the line
Got your name on the cover
Though your friends are ninety-nine
Honey you ain’t got no lover”

Mixology Report: Mix it today, tomorrow, next week! Yes!

For The Good Of The Order: Twilley had two hits (this song and “Girls”) that hit #16. But he’s forgotten because he got a basic record company screw job. It took almost 18 months for the album to come out after the single, and a great second single was premiered on American Bandstand but not released because of record company idiocy. Sad.

Here’s a great live video of Dwight in action. I believe, according to the You Tube comments that Susan Cowsill sings background and John Cowsill plays drums.