Artist: The Classics IV

Album: Mama’s & Papa’s / Soul Train

Year Released: 1968

What It Is: One of those pop songs everyone knows, somehow, whether it be in the dentist’s office, the grocery store, on karaoke night, or on oldies radio. It’s mellow and sad.

Riffage / Hookage: Oh, the hook is marvelous and it’s odd because it’s in a minor key all the way. And the riff is the “Classics IV” riff that is in the chorus here. (In “Spooky” it was the main riff in the intro – in “Traces” it’s the intro riff but slowed down – and in “Everyday With You Girl” it’s under the verses.)

Cowbell?: No. That would harsh the mellow.

Words Of Wisdom: Yesterday’s love was like a warm summer breeze
But, like the weather ya changed
Now things are dreary, baby
And it’s windy and cold
And I stand alone in the rain
Callin’ your name”


Mixology Report:Good for a mix where you don’t wanna get people too riled up, or one that shows

For The Good Of The Order:I thought I was one of the only ones to notice that the same riff is in ‘the big 4’ of Classics IV hits, but someone who is not a music geek (who grew up in the late 60’s) mentioned it immediately when the Classics IV came up in a conversation.

Here’s a vid from a local TV show (Cleveland? Hello, Cleveland!):