Title: Archangel Thunderbird

Artist: Amon Duul II

Album: Yeti

Year Released: 1970

What It Is: One of the more ‘accessible’ songs by a seminal and legendary (at least in Krautrock circles) prog-rock and Krautrock band. They were more influential than popular, but had a decent continental following amongst those who really thought that King Crimson and Yes weren’t progressive enough.

Riffage / Hookage: It’s got a hell of a guitar part, don’t it. Very nice riffage.

Cowbell?: Not that I picked up but the drummer is pretty competent and uses cymbals well.

Words Of Wisdom: Let’s just post all of the lyrics, and YOU can decide if they are wise or just, well, art damaged:

“When the everywhere-eye
Asks you who is the emperor of the sky
Take the archangel’s thunderbird

Go to Edgar Allen in the tower of sleep
He’ll tell you a story which makes you to creep
The echo of your cries is falling so deep

Rent a destroyer and sail to Cape Cod
There lives a lion, they call him God
There is no elevator to Eden, but a hole in the sky

In shock-corridors
People are standing
With their eyes in their hands

But they don’t understand
Don’t get that your confessional
Flare into the vaulting flight of stairs

Baiting soldiers sleeping in melting house of wax
Why is the audience not taking the insurrection-axe
Thousands of windows burst open
And alarm bells are broken”

Mixology Report: Oh, you need to be careful. This kind of prog-rock can disrupt a flow because of its disjointed nature and general weirdness, but it also can illuminate and educate.

For The Good Of The Order: Yes, there was an Amon Duul. The short story is that Amon Duul was a commune in Germany and they recorded a big jam session and put it out as an album (actually a few albums) that got some notice. Those in the commune who really wanted to make a go in music (instead of just being anarchists in a commune) formed Amon Duul II (I guess with the blessing of others) and set out to make music a career. Now, again, they did it their way and probably used a lot of substances, but Amon Duul II, along with Can, really were the cutting edge for progressive Krautrock. Their albums have a lot of jams and suites, but this song, at least, is concise (kinda) and self-contained.

Someone made a video to this song, so you can hear it, and realize I’m not making this up!