Title: Ah! Leah!

Artist: Donnie Iris

Album:King Cool

Year Released: 1980

What It Is: Good ol’ power pop / rock from a wily veteran of the business, who had been in two one-hit wonder bands before (The Jaggerz and Wild Cherry).

Riffage / Hookage: It’s got a great opening riff, a hook or twelve, harmonies, almost everything you need…

Cowbell?: …except cowbell.

Words Of Wisdom: Baby, it’s no good. We’re just askin’ for trouble.
I can touch you, but I don’t know how to love you
It ain’t no use! We’re headed for disaster.
Our minds said, “No!” But our hearts were talkin’ faster, Leah!

Typical teenage stuff, right, or something? Or maybe not just teenage.

Mixology Report: I think this is a great mix starter.

For The Good Of The Order: Back in C’ville after college, my man Moose and I were somewhat smitten with a “touch key professional” at Target named…Leah. Unfortunately, she being just a few years younger than us, had not heard the song. (It hit #29 in 1980, but still…) So when we sang part of the verse, she just looked at us funny. She may have looked at us funny if she HAD known the song, though.

Here’s a live cut from Donnie’s prime!