Title: Dino’s Song

Artist:Quicksilver Messenger Service

Album:Quicksilver Messenger Service

Year Released: 1968

What It Is: It’s the Summer Of Love, man! Well, kinda, one year late. They were around since 1965 but took their time to get a deal and record. By then founder Dino Valente (who wrote this pop gem) was in jail but they soldiered on. Actually, this is rather anachronistic for the band, since they tended to jam and meander and jam and meander. And jam, in a meandering way.

Riffage / Hookage: John Cipollina and Gary Duncan’s guitars are work well, with a simple riff and then Cipollina’s fill work under the verses and in the solo. The hook of the song is hummable as well. In fact, it’s a damn fine melody here.

Cowbell?: Hey, I heard some cowbell during the ending solo.

Words Of Wisdom: Really, it’s just basic a moon/june/spoon love song, but it’s called Dino’s Song because (I conjecture) Dino Valenta brought this to the band (and they did play it together) before he got busted but didn’t title it, and you know, why mess with it. This is a pure guess. Your mileage may vary.

Mixology Report: Mix it in! Far out!

For The Good Of The Order: John Cipollina gets mentioned many times in the ‘best guitar player in rock and roll’ polls, especially in Rolling Stone. His brother played bass for Huey Lewis & The News during their hit peak. Bassist David Freiberg joined Jefferson Starship, sharing bass and keyboard duties with Pete Sears during their heyday. Thankfully, he left before they built that city on crapola.

Here’s Quicksilver at Monterrey. They had an additonal member (singer Jim Murray) at the time.