Title: Der Kommisar

Artist: Falco


Year Released: 1982

What It Is: A neat little funk dance rock earworm that made it big during the MTV era, and also that a hacky English band covered it and got a hit single. Oh, and it’s in GERMAN! (Mostly).

Riffage / Hookage: Great bass line, and a great hook, and the guitar is sublty cool. Yeah, this is a hit.

Cowbell?: Electronics, baby. No need for the bell o’ the cow.

Words Of Wisdom: “Wir treffen Jill und Joe und dessen Bruder hip,
Und auch den Rest der koolen gang
Sie rappen hin, sie rappen her
Dazwischen kratzen’s ab die Waend’
Dieser Fall ist klar lieber Herr Kommissar
Auch wenn sie anderer Meinung sind
Den Schnee auf dem wir alle talwaerts fahren
Kennt heute jedes Kind
Jetzt das Kinderlied”

What he said…

Mixology Report: Great for an 80’s mix, for sure!

For The Good Of The Order: A decent song can bridge the language barrier, and forcing lyrics into English (see Nena) dilutes the power of the song. That being said, I know bands like Trio and Kraftwerk sang in English for the English market, (Ok, Kraftwek and singing isn’t exactly congruous). And then the Beatles and Peter Gabriel recorded their songs in German. What am I saying? Nothing, I’m babbling. I had a point, somewhere, but I think I got sidetracked by the cheesy Falco video below…