Title: Rock Bottom


Album: Phenomenon

Year Released: 1974

What It Is: Oh, good cripes! This is one of the premier riffs in rock music history! I mean, what a riff! That’s Michael Schenker on guitar at age 19 after fleeing the Scorprions (for the first time).

Riffage / Hookage: Oh, man, just click on the vids below! (One is from Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert and not imbedded).

Cowbell?: I think, perhaps, there’s cowbell in the mix of cymbals somewhere. Or perhaps I’m confusing that with “Shoot Shoot” which I know has some bell. Anyway, it’s a great air drum song, too!

Words Of Wisdom: Who the hell cares? It’s the RIFF!

Mixology Report: I only have one word for this, “Fuckin A”!

For The Good Of The Order: Michael Schenker is one of the guitar heroes that no one really has heard (much). His bands (Scorpions, UFO, Michael Schenker Group) had limited followings when he was in them, and of course, the drugs do take a toll, but guitar junkies know of Michael Schenker and really, the public doesn’t. Pity.

I picture a bunch of teenagers in their Camaros and Trans-Ams, cranking out this song on their 8-track with Stroh’s beer…

I decided for two videos. The first one seen here is, as I said, from Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert. (Cue Paul Shaffer impersonation of said Kirshner!) The tempo seems to be draggy (it may be the video itself, as the other UFO Kirshner video is also draggy) but you can see Schenker and bassist Pete Way bounding about in their shirtless glory.

The second is a static album cover but it has the studio cut and you can really rock out to it! CRANK IT UP! Air guitar and drums for EVERYONE!