Title: Conversation

Artist: Gary Numan

Album: The Pleasure Principle

Year Released: 1979

What It Is: A fantastic piece of electro-synth new wave eerieness from Mr. Numan. This again shows the ice-cold vision of Numan, who must have pictured some sort of futurisitic bleak society when creating his work. Or then again he may just have liked how the synth sounded with the settings on ‘frost’ and kept with it.

Riffage / Hookage: The synth lines are memorable and the bass (yes, it’s a real bass with an envelope filter) is pretty killer funk. Oh, and there’s a violin adding some highlights, too.

Cowbell?: None here, but he’s using real drums (he did quite often, actually, which is an odd accent to the machinery).

Words Of Wisdom: “These are not my tears
Not my reflection
Am I a photo?
I cant remember”

Mixology Report: I’d mix it pretty much everywhere that’s not genre specific, because it’s a good transition song. You know, like transition metals, in chemistry. Oh, wait, probably not like that, since I don’t think this song has an incomplete d sub-shell. And of course, in trying to be funny I just looked up the actual definition of transition metal on Wikipedia. Though I did know they included such diverse elements as Iron, Manganese, Osmium, Cobalt, Platinum, Copper and Yttrium. Ytrrium you ask? Yes. Yttrium. Sprinkle some on your salad! (Note: Sprinking Yttrium on your salad is not recommended…)

For The Good Of The Order: Numan is a one-hit wonder in the US, but had many in the UK, including a #1 with Tubeway Army in “Are Friends Electric”.

Here’s a live video of a 1979 concert, and it shows Numan’s not Kraftwerk in that he does want to put on a show and engage the audience a bit. So there…