Title: It’s Love

Artist: King’s X

Album: Faith, Hope, Love

Year Released: 1990

What It Is: One of those perfect songs that transcend genres. But, as usual for this great band, it falls into the cracks. It’s not Christian enough for Christian music, it’s too metall-y for pop music, it’s not metall-y enough for hardcore heavy metal fans. But what it is, though, is beautiful.

Riffage / Hookage: Yah, a great riff (and not easy, as King’s X likes to throw all of the odd, weird, music theory nerd chords at you) and quite the hook throughout the song. Great harmonies, too, as the live clip below shows.

Cowbell?: No, but give the drummer credit for singing those harmonies while pounding the beat.

Words Of Wisdom: “It’s love
That holds it all together
I just had to let you know
That it’s love
That’s holding back the weather
And the same will let it go”

Mixology Report: Because it falls in many cracks, it’s perfect for mixes.

For The Good Of The Order: They are still going strong. From what I gather, since their formation in 1980 (!) the trio (though with a couple of early name changes and some participation in solo and side projects) have never taken a ‘break’ or ‘hiatus’. They just released “XV” last year and are touring. I found that record at the library, and now I need to gather about six King’s X albums that I neglected because they’re still damn great.

This clip is from the Dennis Miller Show, which was broadcast in 1992. Odd thing from what I gather is that there was no studio audience because of the LA riots, the audience noise was dubbed in. But still, a great performance.