Title: Been It

Artist: The Cardigans

Album:First Band On The Moon

Year Released: 1996

What It Is: A catchy pop song that’s not as drippy sweet as “Love Fool”. In fact, it’s a bit naughty! Well, not overtly naughty. I mean, you gotta read between some lines. And then in black and white in others.

Riffage / Hookage: The guitar parts in the verses (under the vocals) subtly drives it. There’s a great hook (hey, it’s a great pop song) and there’s a sinewy guitar-like sound  in the choruses.

Cowbell?: Not here. Sorry Charlie.

Words Of Wisdom: “I’ve been you mother, I’ve been your father
who can ask me for more
I’ve been your sister, I’ve been your mistress
maybe I was your whore
who can ask me for more”

Um, yeah….if SHE’S saying that to ME…then, um….well…I’m confused, kinda. And lumpy…

Mixology Report: A good one, though maybe not for a mix where there are kids afoot.

For The Good Of The Order: Best known for “Lovefool”, the Cardigans have covered Black Sabbath and also had a video seriously edited by MTV for being a bit disturbing. And you thought they were a nice pop band. Ha!

Here’s a video of a bunch of Scandanavians looking furtive and all…