Title: It’s Obvious

Artist: Au Pairs

Album: Playing With A Different Sex

Year Released: 1981

What It Is:Sharp, smart, angular post-punk very much in league with the Gang of Four. In fact, they are cut from the same cloth as that better known band, especially in that Lesley Woods, the front woman and main idea person behind the band, wrote very political and activist songs.

Riffage / Hookage: Nice, steady guitar shards from Woods and Paul Foad and a great bass part from Jane Munro (a cute as a button red-head who looks tiny but plays a powerful bass).

Cowbell?:No, but there are some percussion accents of a sort (things being whapped like claves, if my ears are to be trusted) and a great steady beat from Paul Hammond. He and Munro really lock in tight.

Words Of Wisdom: “You’re equal / but different.”

Woods was a lesbian feminist activist and could sound a bit docrtinaire in her lyrics.

Mixology Report: Yes, especially on a mix that has a lot of the newish bands like Franz Ferdinand, the Editors and Interpol since they all are a kin to this sound.

For The Good Of The Order: Woods is an attorney (and still outspoken) now in the UK. I think Munro may be a photographer (but that’s just a guess.)

Here’s a still shot video with the track playing underneath. It’s fantastic if I say so myself and is definitely worth checking out!