Title: Lovergirl

Artist:Teena Marie

Album: Starchild

Year Released: 1984

What It Is: One of those perfect amalgamation songs with funk, soul and new wave mixing together. It’s one of those songs that FORCES you to move and groove. And yes, you know all the words.

Riffage / Hookage: There’s a BIG time hook here, and Ms. Marie makes sure that there’s sufficient axe as well, of course. But the hook, man, that’s something.

Cowbell?: Typical new wave-ish drum sounds of the 80’s with lots of electronic whatzits being ‘struck’.

Words Of Wisdom: Coffee, tea or me, baby, touche ole
My opening line might be a bit passe
But don’t think that I don’t know what I’m feeling for you
Cause I got a vibe on you the first time that I saw you, saw you

I got a vibe on her when I first saw her, saw her. Was it a vibe…or something else? I was 18 at the time. You decide!

Mixology Report:Why WOULDN’T you mix this?

For The Good Of The Order:It’s not everyone that has case law named for them. But there it is, the “Teena Marie” rule, as if you are under contract with a record company has to put out your material – they can’t simply lock you up.

Here’s Teena on Solid Gold. Wow, Solid Gold….that’s a memory in itself!