Title: When I Win The Lottery

Artist: Camper Van Beethoven

Album: Key Lime Pie

Year Released: 1989

What It Is: A late period CVB masterpiece, where the songs are still funny, but a bit more stretched out and thought through, although the wacky genre schizophrenia is gone. At any rate, it’s still darn good stuff.

Riffage / Hookage: A good acoustic guitar theme throughout and some very nice fiddle work from Morgan Fichter, who replaced Jonathan Segal on this record.

Cowbell?: Nah.

Words Of Wisdom: “And when I win the lottery

Gonna buy Post 306 American Legion

Paint it red with five gold stars”

When I first heard those lyrics, I had a cow. How subversive can you be? Wouldn’t it be a trip to see an American Legion or VFW post with the trappings of Communist China? I’d probably add a portrait of Mao on the side as well.

Mixology Report: Oh, yes. It can fit in most places. Just be sure you give this one to someone with a sense of humor about politics and Communists. But I think all of my mixes would have to be given to those with a sense of humor, period!

For The Good Of The Order: They had a tempestuous career in the 80’s, with band members leaving and coming into the band, and finally a side project (The Monks of Doom) split the band up entirely, leaving David Lowery to form Cracker. Now, they’re back and actually meld all of their personas and tour around as both CVB and Cracker, and many band members have their own band. It’s a living.

A static video, but here’s the song via You Tube!