Title: Mistadobalina

Artist: Del The Funkee Homosapien

Album: I Wish My Brother George Were Here

Year Released: 1991

What It Is: Pre-gangsta West Coast rap that incorporates P-Funk samples and quotes (Gloryhallastoopid) and a funky beat. The beat, man, the beat. Oh, and the lyrics. Oh, and the samples. Well, Ok, everything is great!

Riffage / Hookage: Hip hop is not without hooks, and the “Mistadobalina…Mr. Bob Dobalina” refrain is definitely hooky!

Cowbell?: No, but they be scratchin’!

Words Of Wisdom: “you really make me sick with ya fraudulent behavior
you’re gonna make me flip and then an army couldn’t save ya
why don’t you behave ya little rugrat
take a little tip from the tabloid
because I know I’m not paranoid”

Mixology Report: Believe it or not (believe it) rap and hip-hop are still polarizing. But the hook and beat here is strong and fierce, so overcome those naysayers.

For The Good Of The Order: Who is Bob Dobalina? Well, it comes from the Monkees’ track “Zilch” which is just a bunch of stoned nonsense. What happened was that the Monkees heard an airport boarding call for “Mister Dobalina, Mister Bob Dobalina”. And well, the rest is history. Imagine what the real Bob Dobalina thought about the Monkees and Del appropriating his name? There are scads of Bob and Robert Dobalina’s on Linkedin, but how many are real? (There is one who is a “Program Master at Zilch”.

Here’s Del’s vid! Funkeee!! Gloryhallastoopid!