Title: I’ll Take You There

Artist: The Staple Singers

Album: Be Atltitude : Respect Yourself

Year Released: 1972

What It Is: Early 1970’s soul / funk /gospel from Memphis. The Staple Singers were one of the great Stax empire’s final hitmakers. It’s heavenly, as you can hear below.

Riffage / Hookage: Pops Staples chicken scratchin’ guitar and the deep groove of the Muscle Shoals studio pros provide what riffs there is, and the hook sung by Mavis and her sisters is just heavenly! The song is mostly groove and hook, but that’s just dandy!

Cowbell?:No, but very nice cymbal and woodblock usage!

Words Of Wisdom: “I know a place
Ain’t nobody cryin’
Ain’t nobody worried
Ain’t no smilin’ faces
Mmm, no no
Lyin’ to the races
Help me, come on, come on
Somebody, help me now
(I’ll take you there)”

Now, not to be naive, because there’s a lot of work to do still, but electing Obama as president is ‘there’, or at least a lot of the way ‘there’!

Mixology Report:Yes, yes, yes, 1000 times yes!

For The Good Of The Order: Pops Staples (1915-2000) started his career playing gospel and spirituals and by 1941 was in Chicago. By 1951 he introduced Mavis, Cleotha and Pervis to a church audience and the Staple Singers were born. But they were pretty much straight old-time gospel until the early 60’s, when they turned to folk-type music. Then, in 1968, they went down to Muscle Shoals, and Pervis left (replaced by sister Yvonne) and the hit making Staples were born. Funky!

Here’s the Staples (minus either Cleotha or Yvette, not sure which) on the Flip Wilson show. Have mercy!