Title:Mother Freedom

Artist: Bread

Album: Baby I’m-A Want You

Year Released: 1972

What It Is: A surprisingly rockin’ tune from a band usually derided as being on the wimpier side of life. It’s full of post-60’s hippy dippy lyrics, but dang it’s got a strong riff.

Riffage / Hookage: Oh, yeah, the riff, man. But there’s some surprising lead guitar. The one unnecessary piece is backing the bass / rhythm guitar with a sax section. I think another guitar set on full blast would have carried it through.

Cowbell?: Not cowbell, but I hear some bongos in the background to add depth to the percussion. I think drummer Mike Botts went, “YES! I can let it all hang out!” (You know, when Bread did concerts, I hope they did songs like “Diary”, “Aubrey” and “If” all in a row so Botts could take a logical break instead of going back and forth between songs to his kit.)

Words Of Wisdom: “Freedom – keep tryin’
People stay alive and people keep dyin’ for
Freedom – so don’t lose it
Ya gotta understand ya just can’t abuse it
Freedom – get movin’
Never gonna stop till everybody’s groovin’ on
Love for – one another
Callin’ some friend and callin’ some brother”

So post-hippie there, right? But it’s a great message. Coming from Bread, though, it was odd, since 95% of their songs is about trying to score with some chick.

Mixology Report: Sure, crank it!

For The Good Of The Order: This was a single, of course (a song this strong shouldn’t have been) but it stiffed (hit #37) so thereafter Bread went with the wussy stuff for singles. (Yes, I said wussy, but if “If” isn’t a wussy song then I’m not Nathan Arizona…) A song like “Down On My Knees”, another up-tempo rocker (ok, semi-rocker) wasn’t a single but could have been a hit, at least in my universe!

Here be a fan’s video with stills. Rock out and enjoy the 70’s threads, especially the open collared unbuttoned shirt with a tie at the waist. How sexxxxy!