Title: Bye Bye Love

Artist: The Cars

Album: The Cars

Year Released: 1978

What It Is: One of the big winners of the first Cars album. Yes, most people know the first three cuts on side one, and “Moving In Stereo” (thanks to Phoebe Cates’ nekkidness) (YOWZA!) but that first Cars album was nine winners. This is a tour-de-force for Elliot Easton’s guitar, Ben Orr’s vocals and David Robinson’s solid drumming.

Riffage / Hookage: Not a riff, per se, but Easton and Ric Ocasek’s guitar lines and Greg Hawkes’ sublime synths carry through the intro and verses, and the chorus is hook-tastic.

Cowbell?: No, but watch David Robinson on the video below, because that’s how I always air drum! And dig the roto-toms!

Words Of Wisdom: “Substitution mass confusion
Clouds inside my head
Were fogging all my energies
Until you visited
Eyes of porcelain and blue
Could shock me into sense
You think you’re so illustrious
You call yourself intense”

Ocasek’s lyrics are underrated, I believe.

Mixology Report: Now, why wouldn’t you? Especially for a soon-to-be ex! Oh, that may be cruel, eh?

For The Good Of The Order: I believe, after seeing them in concert and on videos, that if Ric Ocasek sings lead, Ben Orr contributes backups. But Ocasek does not contribute backups when Orr sings lead.

Check this live clip out from a German TV show (Musikladen, I believe). If you have the deluxe edition of the first album, then this version is most like the demo. The harmonies are a bit thinner (well, der, since Roy Thomas Baker locked Easton, Hawkes, and Orr in a room and told them to sing the same part over and over again, I am supposing) but check out Easton’s guitar lead. Outstanding!