Title: The Crawl

Artist: The Fabulous Thunderbirds

Album: What’s The Word

Year Released: 1980

What It Is: A great cover of a mid-50’s blues song by Guitar Junior that the T-Birds dusted off. As usual, they’re very sincere about what they do and cover the song in a proper style. Which means, it’s a hell of a fun record!

Riffage / Hookage: There’s a great blues choogle by Jimmy Vaughan and Keith Ferguson and Vaughan has a very tasty solo. And I love Vaughan’s guitar part right before everyone goes “THE CRAWL!”

Cowbell?: No, the drums are barely there, keeping the beat in the background, which is just what this song needs.

Words Of Wisdom: Well, Jimmie got Jean
Bobbie got Tommy
I got Shirley
Everybody’s got a girl
They do the crawl
Aw, the crawl
Cats on the corner, everybody’s doin’ the crawl”

Wow, Bobbie got Tommy. Well, that’s modern thinking. Oh, it’s a girl’s name? Oh. I remember a Bobbi – who was hot in a ‘girl you don’t want to take home to Mom’ kinda way. But not a Bobbie. Still, though, it was a long shot that a 50’s bluesman would be THAT enlightened.

Mixology Report: You mix this. People dance.

For The Good Of The Order: Kim Wilson still has the T-Birds on the road, though they’ve gone through a boatload of personnel changes. Right now it’s Wilson and a hired gang of youngsters, but they’re still out there going strong.

As this vid shows!