Title: Tell Me When It’s Over

Artist: Dream Syndicate

Album: The Days Of Wine & Roses

Year Released : 1982

What It Is: You’ve heard of teen angst? This is college ennui. I used to joke this is the song that epitomizes worst thing you can hear while in a passionate ’embrace’. (I guess that’s not a joke.) But really, it’s more than that. Looking back into my 20’s – a lot of my life was sitting around waiting for something to happen (in small-town Indiana, and even in Indianapolis – that’s not hard.) Now, with two kidlets running around, there’s always something afoot, so there’s not ennui. Frustration, maybe, on why the oldest decides that minding is optional and the youngest thinks clothes are optional, but not ennui. No sir.

Riffage / Hookage:A hell of a guitar riff from Karl Precoda matches Steve Wynn’s weary voice. The chorus is hooky in a bored kinda way (and that’s a compliment!)


Words Of Wisdom: “Oh there must be some kind of answer
Yeah but the question was closed
Ah you got really imagination man
And I really don’t know
Cause I don’t wanna know, oh yeah”

Mixology Report: You betcha. Especially those who have a grounding in 80’s paisley underground / indie rock, and those who have a predilection for psychedelic-ish mopey tunes. (Not emo, mind you…)

For The Good Of The Order: This was the ‘leading light’ of the paisley underground movement (a loose collection of LA bands that also included The Three O’Clock, The Bangles (early), and Green On Red. Of course, the Bangles broke out after they abandoned their retro sound (sadly). A & M put a lot of marketing oomph behind them but Wynn and the band sometimes preferred to just jam and feedback for 20 minutes. Soon, the band imploded, leaving Wynn on his own (with a loyal drummer) to carry on the name, but not the tradition of what made them a great band. He really needed Precoda to balance him. Sigh.

Here’s a great find, excusing the quality of the video / audio. But it’s the original incarnation of Dream Syndicate when they were on tour for their second album.