Title: Waiting Room

Artist: Fugazi

Album: Fugazi EP (Later on 13 Songs with the Margin Walker EP)

Year Released: 1988

What It Is: The beginning of US post punk? Well, it’s not hardcore, but the band definitely had a DIY punk rock ethos adopted by hardcore bands from the dawn of time, though not as nihilistic as what hardcore had come to be, like Black Flag. (As Walter Sobchak said to the Dude, “Nihilists! Fuck me. I mean, say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.”) Two big names in the DC hardcore scene, Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat) and Guy Picciotto (Rites Of Spring, the first emo band so they say) came together to form Fugazi. This was their first recorded work, and it hit a big time nerve with the punk rock community.

Riffage / Hookage: A great bassline from Joe Lally kicks things off and MacKaye adds some classic power chords to the mix. This was before Picciotto decided to play guitar to add more texture to the sound.

Cowbell?: No, but Brendan Canty doesn’t mind the cymbals.

Words Of Wisdom:“My time is like water down a drain”

Mixology Report: Punk rock is always tough to throw into a mix because of its abrasive tendencies, though this one has enough classic rock moves in it to please some folks. So you can be subversive and give people what they need, like this. Sort of like wrapping your dog’s pills in bacon.

For The Good Of The Order: Currently, Fugazi are on hiatus. Will they come back and record and tour again? Who knows. I had a chance to see them when visiting my main man Moose in DC, but when we got off the Metro stop some people said the concert was rained out. So we went to a record store and then went back to his house. Silly us, the concert went on anyway. Morans!

I have a two-fer, because I wanted a live clip of Fugazi (in all of their skinny shirtless glory), but also wanted to illustrate the textures of the recording. So enjoy both, would ya?