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Title: Never Been Any Reason

Artist: Head East

Album: Flat As A Pancake

Year Released: 1975

What It Is: It’s “comfort tunes” for me. Yesterday I had a headache, but listening to this and other mid-70’s rock put me back into the plus category. That and two Tylenol. But yeah, I could just veg to it and not worry that I was missing anything important. Which I wasn’t.

Riffage / Hookage: A simple guitar riff and a very hooky chorus (which gives people pause because the song is NOT called “Going Down For The Last Time” no matter what you think. I should also mention that there are a bunch of cheese-tastic 70’s synthesizers. But now I know where Dennis DeYoung copped his synth licks from. (HAH!)

Cowbell?: By gosh, there is! You can definitely hear it on the drum break near the end!

Words Of Wisdom: “Did you have any bad dreams?
Did you break any glass?
Would you be my companion?
Is there even a chance?
You been talking in circles
Since I been able to cry.
There’s never been any reason
For never telling me why.”

You know, this wasn’t popular because of the lyrical content.

Mixology Report: Oh, it’s good for a ‘forgotten hard-ish rock songs of the 70’s’ mix right next to Montrose, UFO, Argent and Uriah Heep.

Top Five Genius Results: Hold Your Head Up – Argent
Ah! Leah! – Donny Iris
Stealin’ – Uriah Heep
Jackie Blue – Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Flirtin’ With Disaster – Molly Hatchet (bah-dum-duh YEAH!)

For The Good Of The Order: There was a trend amongst rock critics to call some bands “faceless” if they didn’t have strong individual identities and just all kind of blended in together. Sort of like Supertramp, where you really didn’t know any of the individual members. Head East is definitely in that category! I couldn’t pick out any of the members of this band even if they were playing this song in front of me!

I’m not taking a chance on zapping my browser since I have work going on in the background, so here’s a clip of some combination of Head East or something like that miming the song.