Title: Anytime

Artist: Journey

Album: Infinity (Wait…it could be Evolution or Departure or…no…it’s Infinity)

Year Released: 1978

What It Is: Oh, it’s Journey. But it’s a Journey song that Greg Rollie sings instead of Shrieky McBignose. Though he does sing backups. (And I have a treat for you later). Yes, I’m still in need of comfort music. Calgon, take me back to Junior High. (PS, dig the phasing on some of the vocals)

Riffage / Hookage: Not riffage per se, but heavenly vocal harmonies to open up the song and in the chorus. Everyone grab their girl and lighter (in different hands, of course) and sing along!

Cowbell?: Don’t think so. Aynsley Dunbar would use them if need be, but I don’t think this needed it.

Words Of Wisdom: Right, this is a Journey song. Words matter…not…

Mixology Report: If you’re a demented and sad child of the 70’s, sure!

Top Five Genius Results: REO Speedwagon – Roll With The Changes

Foreigner – Long Long Way From Home

Triumph – Lay It On The Line

Donny Iris – Ah! Leah! (AGAIN!)

Babys – Back On My Feet Again

(Wow, I AM back in Junior High…)

For The Good Of The Order: You may know that Randy Jackson (dawg) played bass for them for a while (after Ross Valory left (or was kicked out)). But did you know the original recorded group was Neil Schon (about ready to sport his spectacular Jew-Fro), Rollie, Dunbar, Valory and George Tickner (the last two from the late, lamented Fruminous Bandersnatch)? Tickner left after one record, and for the next two Rollie and Schon(!) sang lead vocals. They originally were progressive-y, but then tried to chase the $$ as a blandy-just like every other popular-rock band.

Then they hired a guy named Robert Fleischman, who was not butter, nor did he mesh with their fans (such as they were) or band members. So then Shrieky…er…Steve Perry was drafted…and they made Junior High School students everywhere happy!

I have TWO vids, the first is a generic live video from a later tour (with Steve Smith on drums):

The second stars the aforemented Mr. Fleischman. You can really tell why they gave him the heave-ho. (But Schon’s hair is the true star of the video! Check about 2:06 in!)