Title: Dream All Day

Artist: The Posies

Album: Frosting On The Beater

Year Released: 1993

What It Is: Quintessential power pop. Seriously. It’s textbook power pop, and it’s why I love this genre so.

Riffage / Hookage: Yep, it’s got a great riff, and what’s better is that it seems a bit off, almost discordant. It’s not a major power chord. Let me look.. Ah, the opening riff starts with F#sus4 and then goes to E. Then the riff goes from Bmin Bsus4 Bmin to A Asus4 A. (Now, I don’t play, but I know enough about music that I know that’s not normal power chordin’…) The vocal hooks are fabulous as well. I love the way Jon Auer’s and Ken Stringfellow’s voices blend!

Cowbell?: Not on this track, but there is cowbell ON the album! Good solid drumming though!

Words Of Wisdom: “In a blackened room
Staring into space
Underneath a thousand blankets
Just to find a place
Where everything is reachable
Imagining is safe
I tried to make it so
I didn’t even know”

Mixology Report: Mix it every day and twice on Sunday! I usually lead off a mix with it if I include it.

Top Five Genius Results: Red Dragon Tattoo – Fountains Of Wayne
One Horse Town – The Thrills
There’s No Other Way – Blur
Debonair – The Afghan Whigs
Helpess – Sugar

An interesting group of songs, to say the least.

For The Good Of The Order: For a band that broke up, they certainly are playing together a lot. Jon and Ken are doing a lot of solo stuff, but they get back together at times (including playing as part of Big Star with Alex Chilton and Jody Stephens). In fact, in Chicago at the Taste of Randolph Street Fair on June 20th, they’ll be playing THIS album! GO! NOW!

Here’s the original music video (non-embeddible, argh!)

Here’s an acoustic radio station performance. Not the same as the studio version, but hey…