Title: Victim Of Illusion

Artist: Michael Schenker Group (MSG! MSG! MSG! Kung Pao! (Sorry…))

Album: Michael Schenker Group

Year Released: 1980

What It Is: Rockin’! Schenker was a prima-donna guitarist (burned some bridges through the Scorpions and UFO) who had a chance to be a huge guitar hero if he could have controlled his megalomania and stuck to writing tight hard-rockin’ songs like this. But you know…he didn’t.

Riffage / Hookage: Hell yeah! Schenker knew his way around a riff! It was his self-indulgent solos that got in his way. (Not on this song, but he was prone to wheedly-wheedly-wheeing all over songs.)

Cowbell?: No, just solid, practical drumming from either Simon Phillips or Cozy Powell. I am not surprised by either gents appearance here. Have drumkit, will rock!

Words Of Wisdom: “Gone is the free expression, but look into my eyes,
The silent world is laughing, the mirror never lies,
The mirror never lies! “

Mixology Report: For you rockers out there, dig it!

Top Five Genius Results:“Pack It Up (And Go) – UFO
Feel Me Touch Me (Do Anything You Want) – Fastway
Turning Circles – Judas Priest
We Will Be Strong – Thin Lizzy
Hiroshima Mon Amour – Alcatrazz! (Graham Bonnet served some time in a later MSG lineup with a horrific half bald mullet.)

For The Good Of The Order: Schenker was the original choice to join Aerosmith after Joe Perry left, but it didn’t pan out. (I think if he did join, the entire band would have died from an overdose.) He then was asked to join Ozzy’s band after Randy Rhoads died, but again, nothing. And I just read he guested with Ratt on an MTV Unplugged episode. Now wait a minute. RATT? UNPLUGGED? WITH MICHAEL SCHENKER? The mind, she just capsized..

Here’s a live clip with Cozy Powell on drums, circa 1981.