I post this because Sky Saxon died yesterday. Though obscured by Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, Sky was a unique talent and inspirational, in his own way.

Title: Mr. Farmer

Artist: The Seeds

Album: A Web Of Sound

Year Released: 1966

What It Is: Classic garage-psychedelic rock from the kings of the LA scene, in 1966 at least. The Seeds never really obscured their inspiration, and their modus operandi was the same: loping bass, fuzzed out guitar, simple repetitive organ riffs, and lyrics about drugs, sex, and other stuff important to the ‘heads’ at the time.

Riffage / Hookage: Daryl Hooper’s organ is the driving force musically.

Cowbell?: Heck, they could barely play their instruments as it was.

Words Of Wisdom: “See the farmer on the other side of town
He’s always working hard ’til the sun goes down
He’s up every morning right on five, a wanting green seeds just to come alive,
But he don’t wear a no farm clothes, he’s always using a rake and hoe,
But his seeds are starting to grow, like a big stalk up through the sky

He used to live in an apartment in a big old city
With thick and priestly windows built right in it
But he decided to move to a little tiny town
He wanted to be a farmer all year round
And on a country road where you can’t see a thing
He’s got five acres filled little green things, he said
He’s working so hard all night and day

Mr. Farmer let me watch your crops
Mr. Farmer let me water your crops
Mr. Farmer let me harvest your crops
I want to have a dream come true
I said a farmer, farmer, farmer
I want to be just like you

See the farmer a walking down town, always draws a crowd when he’s around
He’s always wearing seedy clothes, he’s shows them off whereever he goes
You can spot him anywhere, got a bright pink thumb but he don’t care,
I said, he looks like something from a very bad dream

Mr. Farmer let me watch your crops
Mr. Farmer let me water your crops
Mr. Farmer let me harvest your crops
Mr. Farmer let me save your crops”

I had to post the whole thing, because Sky Saxon would want it that way. Gee, what do you think Mr. Farmer is growing there? Is this the prequel to Weeds?

Mixology Report: Of course, just to trip some people out, man.

Top Five Genius Results: “Terrapin” – Syd Barrett
“Get Me To The World On Time” – The Electric Prunes
“Daily Nightly” – The Monkees
“Strange Roads” – The Action
“Love & Beauty” – The Moody Blues

For The Good Of The Order: The Seeds were big time in LA, but nationally didn’t do much. They weren’t ‘safe’ or ‘wholesome’, so the radio in more conservative areas stayed away from their records. They did carry on and were in a couple of movies and carried on for a few years. Sky Saxon had an interesting life post-Seeds. For a while, he was in Hawaii with two common-law wives.

Here are The Seeds on the local tee-vee. Note Casey Kasem as the host. I bet he LOVED them!