Title: Chips Ahoy

Artist: The Hold Steady

Album:Boys & Girls In America

Year Released: 2006

What It Is: Epic! Classic! A must! Bravo! It’s the first song I ever heard by the Hold Steady (behind the times a bit, as usual – I need more hipster friends that only like bands that sell 205 copies of their records or make exclusive 7″ records that everyone has heard about but no one has heard). It’s one of those rare songs that made me go “WOW! I NEED THIS NOW! YESTERDAY!”

Riffage / Hookage: A great guitar part (with unusual chording, at least to my ears, but I can’t find the exact chords online) starts off the song and the organ burbles in the background. The backing vocals are infectious and the chorus has you singing along.

Cowbell?: Nah.

Words Of Wisdom: “How am I supposed to know if you’re high if you won’t even dance.

That is a question left to those above my pay grade.

Mixology Report: Voice be damned, it’s a hell of a track!

Top Five Genius Results: “You Made Me Like It” – 1990s
“Waving Flags” – British Sea Power
“The Righteous Path” – Drive By Truckers
“Unless It’s Kicks” – Okkervil River
“Mr. Tough” – Yo La Tengo

For The Good Of The Order: Living here in Minnesota now, I am recognizing many of the landmarks recounted by The Hold Steady on their first three albums. Have I been there? No, but I recognize the landmarks!

Here is a very clever and funny video. It starts about 14 seconds in or so.