Title: Stay Clean

Artist: Motörhead

Album: Overkill

Year Released: 1979

What It Is: It is Motörhead. QED.

Riffage / Hookage: It is Motörhead. QED.

Cowbell?: Philthy don’t need no cowbell. Fast Eddy needs some wah-wah, though. Oh, and Lemmy’s bass solo also removes the cowbell requirement.

Words Of Wisdom: “So you see, the only proof,
Of what you are is in the way you hear the truth,
Don’t be scared, live to win,
Although they’re always gonna tell you it’s a sin,
In the end, you’re on your own,
And there is no-one that can stop you being alone,
Stay Clean.”

Mixology Report: Only lilly-livered nancys and poofters don’t want this on their mix.

Top Five Genius Results: Saints In Hell – Judas Priest
Ten Dollar Man – ZZ Top
In League With Satan – Venom
Chatterbox – New York Dolls
We Will Be Strong – Thin Lizzy

Not that surprising, except the New York Dolls. WTF? Oh, well.

For The Good Of The Order: You know, when Lemmy was in Hawkwind and they were performing Lemmy’s songs (Lost Johnny, etc.) and not the other Hawkwind songs, Hawkwind sounded a lot like Motörhead. Just my opinion.

Oh, and here’s a 2007 vid of Motorhead live. Really, it could be 1979 or 1989. Same sound. Same clothes. Same mike set-up with the picks. Same voice (oh, maybe a little gruffer, but still…) And that’s just fine by me…